Glenda’s Gabbings: vol 1

Lets gab about energy for a minute. We sang 3 songs last night in Kalispell for a crowd of about 900 at the annual Ken Dutter Sing celebration. At his own admission, Peter has NEVER had so much adrenalin. We prayed and were waiting back stage when he started jumping up and down, spinning around in circles and clapping his hands. Hind sight tells us the 3 of us should have been concerned at this point. Dana had asked the sound man to start the first track to “Feelin’ Fine” as soon as we take a hold of the mics…A..N..D…..W…E..’.R…E OFF!

First thing out of the gate Peter thought the power was off on his cordless mic. That didn’t stop him one arpeggio, the spit was spewing. Colter’s extra large cappachino’s were at present and accounted for- in Accounted For (sorry!) Action was the key! Dana was enjoying his cordless mic so much he decided to put some miles on, cross the stage, into my territory. I figured I should go “mingle” too. I enjoyed singing next to my bass, until he left too. Dad was point man at the front of the stage with his toes over the edge flying so high and strong we thought he was going to lift off and rocket to the moon. Our bold, fearless, nearly insane leader only mixed it up enough to look over and throw extra saliva onto his son’s glasses. Seeing didn’t matter much, listeners land was a blur because of the bright lights, or perhaps it was Peter’s atomic brilliance radiating from “the force” about him. I think we were all in a capsule, or maybe we were trapped in a balloon with a mongoose masquerading as our lead singer trying to get out! Dana and PT made eye contact and confirmed the plan to just let him go…interference would have been catastrophic!

Perhaps his kilowatts were over charged last night…but I was encouraged as I helped make the evening be a blessing to many…or so quite a few said afterward. We ONLY want to bring Glory to our Saviour and Lord, WHEREVER we go. Oh, and yes, the “flaming torch” dimmed about 1 and a half hours later at Apple B’s. Several suspirations, a down trodden countenance, saliva now turned to drooling and sad murmuring caused our concern that we might be fetching his head up out of his salsa. Thus ended an AWE-filled evening.


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