• Glenda’s Gabbings: vol 4

    Hello All!  Glenda is not really gabbing this time. I would REALLY like to share these thoughts sent to Peter and I from a humble man of God and Preacher we once heard on a regular basis.  Thoughts to ponder and grow thereby!! [used with permission] One man’s opinion of problems within the body of…

  • Breaking news for May

    As in any group, personal changes are a natural occurrence.  We are excited about what the Lord has in store for us in the future. Read our newsletter for the full details .  As always, you can read it here as well.

  • Glenda’s Gabbings: vol 3

    “Turn It Up…” Sometimes I am in a very quiet music listening mood.  Other times I prefer artist pieces of perfect skill.  Most of the time I have thundering loud classical crashing playing way too loud when I clean.  Then there are special moments reserved ONLY for the Perrys. Its for sure we all have…

  • A look back at April

    You are just in time to read Aprils newsbit. You can read it here or you can read it here, it is your choice.

  • Glenda’s Gabbings: vol 2

    PEACE BE UNTO YOU “…Our closest Friend and Lord is gone, how it hurts. This is what mourning feels like, tears and trouble… they killed Him. They didn’t just crucify Him, they formed a riot that mobbed Him and tortured Him… are they gonna come after us? … we need to hide…” I meditated on…

  • A few video clips

  • And We’re Off…..

    The March 2009 newsletter is hot off the press. You can read it here March Newsletter or you can read it here.

  • Glenda’s Gabbings: vol 1

    Lets gab about energy for a minute. We sang 3 songs last night in Kalispell for a crowd of about 900 at the annual Ken Dutter Sing celebration. At his own admission, Peter has NEVER had so much adrenalin. We prayed and were waiting back stage when he started jumping up and down, spinning around…

  • Dana’s pointing is rubbing off on him

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  • PT’s getting a feel for his new wheels

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