Excuses, excuses….

Every now and then, when circumstances demand it, we pull out the song “Excuses”. This was one of those evenings. For those of you that are not familiar with the song, I will lay it out for you.
We sing the chorus, then I go into the verse with a speaking part. We then get to a part where we all say “why the whole family had to stay home…”. After that, PT comes in solo with “just to blow that poor kids nose”.
For some reason this evening, PT was bored and decide to record me doing the song [With a mic in one hand and a camera in the other]. Thinking back, he was probably trying to get me on video botching the song….which I am quite good at.
We got to PT’s part and apparently Dana was standing on PTs mic cord. Well, it was hilarious to us, take a peek yourself.


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