January Newsletter 2008

Relief!!  The pressure is finally off to complete our vocals for our first ever Accounted For CD!!   As I write the digital version is in the hands of our producer!  Today we had a (rather silly at times!) photo shoot at the Historic Conrad Mansion in Kalispell.  A beautifully preserved home built in 1895.   Lord willin we should be able to mail out all requested copies by the end of February.  There is a special surprise that we are all very excited about!   Please pray for funds as Accounted For does the “teaberry shuffle” to pay for all this ordeal!!  (We’ll try never to do any such shuffling on stage while we sing…)  The Lord has provided in the past and RICHLY blessed.  We have NO doubt He will not fail!  Can you tell we are excited!!!  Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement.  We see the meaning that many professional groups attach to studio equipment.  They call them “humilitrons”.We pray the winter has kept everyone in good health and bright spirits.  I have just about overcome a B A A A A D bout of cold, sore throat and post nasal drip.  Our winter break from practicing and dates was a blessing in disguise for me!  Cooper and Peter caught quick versions and are well now.  Please pray for our daughter Joliene if you could.  She is in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho working hard and trying to overcome her 3rd sore throat and energy loss attack.   SNOW!!!  WOW!  We have been covered in this white blanket since just before Thanksgiving!  Now we are hitting temperatures below zero.  All is well, and yet busy as we shovel our way around the homes and acres we take care of!   We use this cold time to finish indoor jobs- and get a little chubbier to stay warmer!  Many opportunities have come our way to present the gospel to others through our ministry of music.   You have my word that all of Accounted For prays for the Lord’s will in our lives.  As a group and personally.  We NEVER want to do anything that is not directed by Him and glorifying to Him.   His selfless act of redemption and unfailing love for wretches like us deserves nothing less than ALL of our praise and service.   I must report that we are experiencing revival!   Some people recognize us around the counties now, which makes us so much more mindful of how we act!  (hmm!)  We are really able to spread the good news of the Gospel.   We pray for your opportunities as well!  Pass It On!  Love to all and God’s best! 



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