July 08 Newsletter

At last we are writing! Forgive the delay, and we won’t go into excuses, excuses, you hear them “oh” so much!! Accounted For has had many wonderful experiences and concerts since we last wrote: Lincoln Baptist, First Southern Baptist in Great Falls, Ulm Bible Church, Malta Community Church, The Milk River Gospel Jamboree in Malta, and Mountain View Baptist Church, Cut Bank all in Montana. North Addison Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington and Emmanuel Baptist in Couer d’Alene, Idaho were invaded just this last weekend. We were all healthy, too! Praise the Lord! We hope you have enjoyed viewing photos online taken along our travels. All of these preachers, pastors, music men, and servants of the Lord in the ministry have been such a blessing. If you get to pouting under a juniper bush like Elijah thinking you’re all alone- just DON’T!! There are people who love the Savior, their fellow Christian and want God’s best for this country everywhere!! The servant of the Lord is not alone!

This one particular Gospel Quartet found love in abundance in Malta. Our first visit, we pray is not our last! We have never been so refreshed in Spirit at a gathering of singers and musicians! We were a little tired physically- but it didn’t matter. Have you ever been so refreshed on the inside that it strengthened a hurting body? We were all blown away by the fellowship and warmth, caring and humility. A spirit of unity is a powerful thing. My spiritual engine is still purring away from the fueling I received there. Godliness is an energy that is supposed to be given out to ALL souls. Am I fueling hurting Christians? Do I represent life and high voltage to a lost soul? Lord, help me offer a contagious example of Jesus Christ to everyone… keep people running with hope and the light of the glorious gospel. I suppose you get the picture!!

Hey, the Lord’s still on the throne, even during extremely high gasoline prices! Make the devil mad and don’t cut back on the travelings of the Lord during this time. He will provide for you! He has for Accounted For. June 20th was a special dinner evening held at the house in Trout Creek for all the givers involved in the production of our CD. We called it our CD Celebration. I cooked up a doozy of a meal for several dear people and we had a good time! I love to cook for hungry humans… any one reading this now is always welcome at our home and table.

The month of July is just about done!! WOW! Fast summer! August will bring a local concert right here in good ole Thompson Falls, Montana, yes sireeeeee, and then one close by in Plains September 7th. Those will of course be reported on in our NEXT – ON TIME- Newsletter. Oh my but MOST important is the wedding…. yippee… the wedding of a one certain Dana Burns to a Miss Anna Cleghorn on August 30th. Stir the gravy and don’t burn the biscuits it’s gonna happen… and the earth will shake from the hallelujahs that day!


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