March 2008 Newsletter

Hello everyone! Greetings from a very slow warming Montana. I trust
all of you are enjoying the progress of this beautiful favorite season
of mine called Spring. To me, nothing compares to that fresh aroma
that comes with the budding flowers and crisp green grass. It
forces you to grasp the fact that this new season of change could only come
from our wonderful Heavenly Father who stands in charge. It’s very

But! On to some very exciting news. We could never imagine
the mild frustration and impatience from our faithful few in regards
to our brand new album.  It just never seemed to get here! Well after
too much time, gas money, endless weekends, really really good meals
(and pies), latte’s, oh yes and tea, laughter, exhaustion, days where
we really had no clue what we were doing and Dad and Dana’s dumb stare
we finally, finally have the product. Never fear, our CD is here!
Praise the Lord it’s done!  On behalf of all of us I am very proud to say Accounted For Quartet’s first album “This Ole House” will now be available
wherever we are and on our online store at
There is so much we could say and so many people to thank I could never
find a place to begin.
Along with this new bit of information and season of change, some
wonderful news has surfaced.  So wonderful I just have to leave this up Dana to share from the stage.
The opportunity for a truck load of jokes, teasing and good ole
fashioned brotherly and sisterly love on one another lurks around the corner.
It is just too great a “piece” of information
to relieve anywhere but on stage. So, catch us in a city near you
(boy, don’t we sound professional) and find out what has got a certain
member caught in the clouds.

With all the exciting news that surrounds us I must take a moment and
humbly ask for your prayers and support as we, as regular people, endure change in our
personal lives. Though we cannot see past today, we are encouraged and
strengthened with the realization that we are not alone in this fight.
One of my favorite songs simply says that yesterday’s battles are
today’s victories. We are humbled and grateful beyond comprehension
for the unspeakable grace that is given to us every moment we take a
breath. We cannot wait to see all of you in the coming months and look
forward to your warm, smiling faces.

With much love,


One response to “March 2008 Newsletter”

  1. Pete,

    Thanks for the update, I trust everything is going well.

    Paula and I return to the states for a 2 month stay on April 7. One of these days I hope God will allow our paths to cross again. Keep the faith.

    Larry Neffr

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