Recent Things

The past 2 weekends had brought us to Kalispell.  The 5th, we were invited to take part in the Flathead Valleyeirs [which I am sure I spelled wrong].  While this event was out of our normal type setting, we sure had a ball.  The crowd was great and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Thank you to Dan and Steve for making us feel welcome.

Last weekend brought us to the 9th annual Ken Dutter Festival.  This event is always packed with an appreciative crowd.  I certainly dont want to let the cat out of the bag for our upcoming dates, but if you were there, you know what I am thinking.  We had a special performance that evening, which we will pull out of the bag in times to come.

Thank you one and all for you friendship!  We are thankful to the Lord for friends that are interested in supporting us in one way or another.  It is a GREAT privilege to be able to sing praises to the one who gave His life for ours.

See you soon…….


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